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Richard's wife Marjorie had fallen ill and was bed ridden for a few weeks. She had been delighted when her best friend Sue had offered to come and stay and look after her.
Richard offered to sleep in a separate bedroom to allow his wife to recuperate without being disturbed. Moscow escort One afternoon Marjorie needed a drink and called for Sue to bring her one.
"It's your fucking wife again" said Sue to Richard as he pounded his dick into her over the kitchen table.
She then added between grunts of satisfaction:
"Can she not just go into hospital and leave us to fuck in peace. By the way, do you think I'm far prettier than your wife? I know her body doesn't compare with mine" she said as she pressed her huge tits together.
As his wife called down again Richard upped the tempo and whispered in her ear:
"You are going to have to take so much of my cum and my dick in the next month. I hope that will convince you of how desirable I think you are. Escort Moscow"
She replied "Oh Richard, I know this is so wrong but after living with boring Kevin all these years I deserve some fun. Did you fuck my daughter on her wedding day? I know Sally gobbled you down before I could get to you. She is a pretty girl."
Richard heard his wife call but they continued to ignore her as Richard built to his eruption.
"Yes I was the first to fuck Pippa on her wedding day and yes Sally is a great fuck but she doesn't have these"
he said squeezing her 36 FF tits together. Richard felt the presure building in his tennis ball sized balls anf finally he came all over her tits and torso and she gulped the rest down her throat. Sue got dressed and as she pulled on her bra and jumper she felt the cum seep into her clothes. She then went upstairs to help her best friend.
Sue and Richard also spent the nights fucking and one night Marjorie got up to go to the bathroom and she thought she heard Sue groan in her bedroom. She called out to ask if Sue was ok and Sue confirmed that she felt great. That was because Richard was sucking on her huge firm tits whist ramming his cock into her pussy against the door. Poor Marjorie remained oblivious to the erotic site which would have met her on the other side of that bedroom door.
Meanwhile Martin continued to pursue Kim. She had the looks of a model and the body of a pornstar. He had gone out with some beautiful girls, especially Sally who he still lusted over despite hating her, but none compared to Kim. Martin had seen Kim wear tight revealing tops and miniskirts when with her previous boyfriends and longed to see and hold her whilst she was wearing such clothes with him on her arm.
Martin was stroking her fabulous dark hair and he could resist it no longer and reached to cup her huge tits which were locked inside her tight black jumper. Her hand met his:
"You must know I am saving myself for marriage Martin" she said. "I want my wedding night to be a special one."
"But you have had sex with your previous boyfriends, haven't you?" said Martin.
"I was never going to marry them, you're different. Unless you don't want to marry me?"
"I love you Kim. Yes I want you to be my wife."
"I know" she said giggling. "I think we should book a private room at the best restaurant in town and I will wear my special dress for you to celebrate our engagement. You are going to marry me soon aren't you Martin." She smiled at him with her deep brown eyes.
The next day Kim walked into the reception of Richard's office and saw Sally strolling towards her office with her long tanned legs on full show. Kim was wearing a baggy jumper and jeans so as not to attract too much attention to herself. She walked quickly to Sally's office.
"Here to meet Richard?" Sally asked with a smile. "I know he would enjoy meeting you but he prefers outfits like mine" she said laughing and crossing her legs on the table.
"You may have the best legs in town Sally but I've got the best body. Tell him Martin and I are having a private dinner at La Romain restaurant tonight and it would be a nice coincidence if he bumped into us" said Kim.
"Ok, poor Martin" replied Sally laughing. "His fiancée is going to going to be fucked senseless by his father."
The intercom buzzed and Kim heard a deep voice asking Sally to come into his office.
"Duty calls" said Sally.
Kim smiled and walked out of the door. She had been right about Martin's father and looked forward to meeting him and started to plan her outfit.

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As mentioned in my profile, I love dressing up as sexy tennis player. Escort Moscow Most people I dated fantasize about having sex with tennis sports star and as an escort; I help them in visualizing their sexual fantasy. I feel glad when men thank me for making their sexual fantasy a reality.
Playing a sexy tennis player, I encounter an Arab two years back with whom sex was really mind blowing.
I still remembered that day when he entered in my apartment. He was quite tall, well build and in nearly 40s. He told me during appointment that he has hots for Maria Sharapova and would like me fulfil his sexual fantasy.
Usually, I take initiative during sexual encounter, but this Arab was well prepared for encounter. Moscow escort After a gentle introduction, he tied me up to a wall and put a cloth inside my mouth. He brought cuffs with him. After that, he took a knife from his coat and put it on top of my sexy t-shirt. 
Within a second, he ripped my dress apart; I understood that the guy wanted to play a rape fantasy game with me. I got scared at that time, since most men do carried away playing a rape fantasy and start hurting escort body, that’s why most call girls do not allow forced sex games.
He realized what I was thinking. Seeing terror in my eyes, he strokes my hair gently and give me a warm deep kiss on my lips. He said in a deep husky voice, “Don’t worry.”  “I would be gentle with you.”
After a kiss, he put his knife aside and starts fondling my nipples inside my bra. He kept on doing this for at least 5 minutes to ignite my passion. After fondling my nipples for 5 minutes, he took his knife out again and cut my bra into two pieces with one single shot.  Then gently he removed my pants along with panty. I was standing completely nude, tied up to wall. I was embarrassed to look into his eyes at that time. But, he was completely enjoying every moment of it making me helpless and tied up.
I was upset when he took my nude photo on his mobile phone, he told me not to worry, he will keep never upload his images on net and had taken photos so that he can look at me and fantasize about Maria Sharapova  whenever she is playing games.
Moving to sexual encounter, he starts sucking my breast like a hungry child. He moved from one breasts to another within a moment. He continued doing this till my nipples had become red and swollen. Then he came under me and to my surprise start licking my pussy, I cried with excitement and screamed on top of my voice, “Stop this, Stop this”, but he didn’t, he continued licking my pussy. Soon, I was wet, shivering with excitement and in that moment, I had an orgasm. It was first time, I had a real orgasm, and in most cases I faked it, that’s why it was one of most cherished sexual encounter in my life.
Moving to sexual encounter, when I had achieved orgasm, he inserted his penis inside my vagina and start rotating it. While his penis was moving inside my body, his lips were moving inside my mouth. After lips, he move gently to my neck and start kissing it passionately. He was fucking and kissing me at the same time. After 20 to 25 minutes, we both achieved orgasms.
After satisfying each other sexually, I ordered pizza for dinner in my apartment. Both of us share tender moments while having pizza, he told me, he is rich businessman from Arab and his sex life was quite boring, in fact it was non existence, since his wife was not interested in sex at all.  It was after 5 years, he was having such a sexual experience and it was quite extraordinary.
I had a deep sympathy for Arab, and was glad to offer my service to him.

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Ella sonrió mientras contuvo el aliento masivo. Deslizando sus manos hasta sus muslos, ella le dio un beso en la suave piel donde el muslo se reunió ingle. Sus dedos se acercaron y se deslizaron a lo largo de la longitud satinado para la base donde se agarró. Moscow escort Sonriendo de placer cuando le oyó gemir, ella movió sus labios más cerca.
"Oh no, no lo hagas!" gruñó y agarró por los hombros, tirando de ella hacia arriba. "Si lo hace, la diversión va a terminar." Él tiró de ella hacia abajo sobre el sofá y ella se echó a reír.
"Depende de su idea de diversión", pero ella lo dejó deslizar su espalda sobre su cuerpo. La sostuvo por encima de él, sus dedos agarrando su cintura.
"Lucy". Oyó el poder de su voz y era imposible no mirarlo.
"¿Sí?" susurró. Lucy lo miró con los ojos ocultos latigazo

Escort Moscow
A la luz suave, que era fascinante.
"Bésame." Sus palabras fueron una orden, pero su tono era desesperada. Tuvo la tentación de burlarse de él, pero ella sintió que iba a perder su control. Su boca se esperó a que ella, y ella apretó los labios con suavidad a la suya.

 Su boca se movió a través de él, bromeó suavemente con pequeños besos que pican antes de que ella deslizó su lengua en su boca. Casi se echó hacia atrás cuando sintió sus dedos rozan su coño. Ella hizo un sonido ahogado, pero su boca estaba chupando en su lengua. Respirar por la nariz con fuerza, ella trató de relajarse y concentrarse en el beso, pero sus dedos estaban tomando el pelo.
Acariciar, jugando con sus jugos, haciéndola más resbaladiza. Ella rompió el beso cuando un largo dedo se deslizó en el interior y dejó escapar un grito ahogado. Su cabeza cayó hacia atrás y se aferró a sus hombros con tanta fuerza que sus nudillos estaban blancos. 

"Dios, tú eres increíble", dijo Hugh suavemente. Ella lo sintió deslizarse otro dedo dentro y que era el paraíso. Movió sus caderas ligeramente, experimentar y lo sintió reír. "Eso es correcto. Siente todo."
Él sabía lo que estaba haciendo, eso era seguro, pensó Lucy. Cada poco de diapositivas de sus dedos, un rizo entonces un lastre. Cada pedacito de su cuerpo se centró en lo que estaba haciendo su parte. Cuando él presionó su pulgar a su clítoris ella dejó escapar un sonido ahogado.
"Oh, por favor", rogó.
Su risa era carente de alegría mientras deslizaba sus dedos.
Él le sostuvo la suspendida sobre su polla, la cabeza ligeramente cepillado su núcleo resbaladiza. Sus dedos agarraron sus hombros, y ella lo vio una mueca de dolor mientras sus uñas se clavaron en. Poco a poco se liberan los dedos y frota las marcas de media luna que había hecho.
 "Hugh," ella gimió con abandono y él sonrió dolorosamente mientras lentamente la bajó sobre él, su boca captura de uno de sus crestas de color de rosa en su boca y chupando ferozmente como él la empaló.
Ella sintió la ligera quemadura y las prisas del flujo sanguíneo hasta sus mejillas mientras su cuerpo se lo envolvió. Era demasiado. Ella pensó que podría estallar en llamas como él constantemente la empujó hacia abajo. Había pasado tanto tiempo. Demasiado tiempo. Ella sintió que su cuerpo estirado y la protesta hasta que tocó fondo. Ella movió ligeramente para facilitar la plenitud y sus dedos la detuvo.
"No te muevas", él entre dientes, mientras sus dedos se clavaron en sus caderas. Sus ojos se cerraron y se tiraron en respiraciones profundas. 

"Yo-yo no puedo," Lucy se lamentó. Sus caderas lucharon contra su agarre mientras trataba de moverse. Cuando él no le dio pulgadas, ella hizo un mohín y luego apretó lentamente sus músculos internos. Su aliento explotó fuera de él, y por un momento se aflojó su agarre.
Eso era todo lo que necesitaba y ella apoyó las manos sobre su pecho mientras empezaba a andar lentamente, levantando hasta que casi se escapó de su cuerpo antes de hundirse hacia abajo, bajo y profundo. Ella jadeó mientras la llenaba y cuando perdió el ritmo por un momento como una chispa de placer acarició su espalda, sus manos comenzó su movimiento a su propio ritmo.
Su cabeza cayó contra su cuello, su boca besando y chupando la piel allí como él siguió instando a ella en. Sus manos acariciaron su espalda, trazando la línea de la espalda antes de agarrar su trasero en manos apretadas, sus dedos cavando en el dolor leve y añadiendo a la emoción de sentirse edificio donde se les unieron.

 "Ven por mí", le susurró al oído mientras sus dedos alcanzaron entre ellos y él atrapados su clítoris con el dedo índice y el pulgar.
"No puedo," ella jadeó, sus caderas batiendo sin control. El sudor goteaba de su frente sobre su piel y ella lamió su hombro, el sabor salado.
"Venga a mí", exigió este tiempo, pellizcos y rodando su meollo.
Tal vez fue su orden, o la forma en que sus dedos le funcionó, o tal vez su cuerpo finalmente había llegado al punto de no retorno, pero de repente una ola de puro éxtasis explotó a su alrededor y ella gritó cuando las olas rodaban por su cuerpo. Ella sacudió la cabeza en su hombro y sintió que su gruñido cuando vino dentro de ella. Se sentía bien penetrar y mantenga su fuerza mientras el temblor recorrió ella, su cuerpo le ordeño.
Jadeando salvajemente, se agarró a él cerca y se balanceó ligeramente contra él, pequeñas réplicas de estallar y alargar el placer.
Pasó mucho tiempo antes de que su respiración se tranquilizó, y cuando por fin la levantó, ella se estremeció ligeramente.

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My wife Annabelle has the sweetest and sexist nineteen year old cousin named  Samantha.  Normally, we just call her Sam because that is what she prefers.  She is a country girl that is always walking around in cut off denim shorts. She is about 5'8" and her body looks long and thin. Escort Moscow  Her ass has just the perfect amount of bubble to it.  When she is around it takes all of my willpower to resist staring at her, and often when I have seen her the first thing I do when I get home is go into the bathroom and beat off.  I always thought of it as a harmless fantasy as I knew nothing would ever happen between us or so I thought.
I work from home and Annabelle and I have two daughters one is six and the other is eight.  
As both of our girls were to start school in the fall we realized we needed to find someone to come into our home in the afternoons, do some light house work and be there when the girls off the bus on most days and even  prepare supper for the family a few days a week in order for me to keep up my normal work schedule.
Moscow escort   Back in July my wife came home one day and said she had the perfect solution.  Her cousin Sam was going to go to college in our city, needed a place to stay and a part time job.  Excitedly she blurted out, "it is the perfect solution and it solves all of our problems."
I had sort of skeptical look on my face and she said, "what is the matter the girls love Sam and she is great with them"?
Now I couldn't exactly say well the problem is your cousin is too hot and every time I am around her I have to run home afterwards and masturbate.  So I just said,  "nothing honey, that would be great when is she moving in"?
So it was settled Sam was moving in with us the first week of August which would give us a couple of weeks to get use to each other and give her a week to start college before she had to get the girls off the bus in the afternoons.  The deal we worked out was that she got to stay there rent free for doing household chores and helping with girls so I could have a full work day.  God she wasn't even there two days and I was already going mad.
She was comfortable around my wife and by extension me.  Since our home was now hers she dressed like she would in her home short shorts, t-shirts and often no bra before bed or in the early morning hours.  I bet I was whacking off four to five times a day I was so aroused. I tried fucking my wife, but she was concerned Sam would hear us and basically cut off sex when I needed her as a healthy outlet the most.   Sam was supposed to be here to help me get more work done, but I was spending so much time masturbating I was hardly getting any work done at all.
I told myself the lust will fade once you see she is just a normal nineteen year old that burps, farts and has normal nineteen year old moments.  Finally, when she started College and she wasn't constantly around during the day I was able to concentrate on work and resume a more normal schedule.  However, I did backslide in one major area I started masturbating to Sam's dirty panties. I would retrieve from the laundry when she was at College.  Again, I told myself it was just a harmless fantasy.
My wife still wouldn't give it up unless Sam and the girls were out of the house which happened once a week on Saturday afternoon like clockwork. Too much like clockwork for me. My wife is a control freak so it didn't really surprise me she scheduled "martial relations" for 1-2 in the afternoon on Saturday. Hell she probably marked it down on her calendar.   I suspected that Sam taking the girls to get ice cream every Saturday afternoon at exactly the same time had to be my wife's idea. These suspicions were confirmed when I overheard them talking to each other on a Saturday morning though the air duct. They were giggling like a couple of school girls.
Sam asked chuckling, "are you sure an hour is enough time for you and Rich to finish?"
My wife replied laughing, "Sam ten minutes is enough for me, I just let him stick it in from behind and hit it as hard as he wants and he is usually done in less than ten minutes."
Sam asked, "OMG are you really not interested in sex?"
She replied, "not really,  I take care of myself in the bathtub with my fingers when I need to and after you have kids your sex drive is never the same."
Sam asked, "but what about Rich is that enough for him?"
My wife replied, "well that is sort of what I like about having you around."
Sam sounding somewhat alarmed asked, "what do you mean?"
My wife said laughing,  "having a hot nubile nineteen year old in the house gives him plenty of material for his spank bank."
"Really, you think he spanks it to me," Sam asked?
Annabelle replied, "Since you moved in he takes long bathroom breaks 4-5 times a day that I know of and he isn't using the bathroom."
Then they walked out the room and the rest of their conversation was inaudible.
Annabelle that bitch had managed to emasculate me in front of Sam, summarize our pathetic sex life and expose me as a pervert that lusted after her in less than two minutes.
I hid for the rest of the morning.  When Sam and the girls left for our scheduled relations I didn't head to our bedroom. Eventually, my wife came looking for me.
"Aren't you horny, Rich don't you want this?" She asked as she pulled her robe up and slapped her bare ass cheek in a mechanical sort of way.
 "Not today, I am not really in the mood besides I have plenty of stuff stored up in the old spank bank," I said in a mocking fashion as I pointed to my head.
My wife upon hearing some of her own words thrown back at her realized I had overheard her conversation and said, "I see you overheard me and Sam talking there is no need to get pouty" and "now is your chance to get some pussy rather than use your hand."
In a mocking tone I said, "no thanks I wouldn't want to trouble you for ten minutes of your time."
I realized I was taking a volatile situation and making it worse by making those types of comments, but I couldn't resist. My wife looking angry picked her phone up and typed out a text message and just a few seconds later I heard the notification of a response come in.
She said, "Rich, Sam is going to keep the kids out until 7 so you have until then if you change your mind and I think you will."
I replied, "I think not."
She smirked and walked off and I went to the bathroom and beat off.  After I finished up I went into my  office and started working.  About an hour later Annabelle came in wearing some of Sam's clothing.  Now my wife is 33 and she is fit, but her tits and her ass are bigger than Sam's so wearing Sam's tee-shirt and short shorts really made her tits and ass hang out.  She even fixed her hair like Sam's and she was chewing on bubble gum like an annoying teenage girl would.
She said in a very pouty younger teasing type of teenage girl voice,  "oh uncle Richie, so sorry to bother you, but I have a problem I need some help with could you help me?"
Now I was really in a tight spot here as going along with this role play would confirm my wife's suspicions that I was lusting after her cousin, but not playing along could be worse.  When my wife wanted something she wanted it.  When I told her no earlier that probably made her hornier than she has been in years and since her being horny is such a rare thing if I didn't satisfy her needs there would be hell to pay in the house for weeks or maybe even months.
I said, "Samantha you know you can talk to me about anything, what is it I can help you with?"
She said in a overly sexualized teenage girl's voice, "my boyfriend wants to do me in the ass, but I am afraid it will hurt what should I do?"
"Well Samantha most guys eventually want that from their girlfriend and if you use lube and prep yourself properly it should be ok," I replied.
 My wife dropped Sam's shorts, she wasn't wearing panties, and spun around exposing a butt plug sticking out of her ass. She said, "is this what you mean by prep uncle Rich," in that over sexed teen voice again.
Sex between my wife and I had been kind of rare maybe twice a week at best before Sam and then once a week after she moved in, but even more rare than straight up sex with my wife was anal.  In fact I think it had been two or maybe even three years since she had let me take her in the ass.
I mumbled and stuttered and finally said, "yes".
"But uncle Rich I am afraid those boys my age will be rough and hurt me do you think you could show me how ......please," she said in that over sexed teenage girl's voice as she batted her eyes at me.
I said, "ok but you have to promise not to tell Annabelle, she wouldn't understand I was just trying to help you."
My wife replied, "ok uncle Richie...."
She leaned up and bent over my desk, slowly pulled her plug out, and then she pulled her ass cheeks apart.
She said, "ok uncle Rich you can fuck my tight little nineteen year old ass now."
I stepped behind her and lined my dick head up to her asshole and slowly pushed. Since she just had the plug in and it was lubed up it slid right in without much resistance, but once I was in I felt that wonderful vice like grip I hadn't felt in years.  In front me staring at my wife's naked back and her long blonde hair I was no longer looking at the domineering shrew I had come to know.  I was sodomizing her, dominating her humiliating her by doing this to her while I was openly pretending she was her younger cousin.  God, I never felt more like a man than in that moment.
"Oh fuck uncle Richie your cock feels so big in my tight little asshole," she said as she wiggled her butt.
"Do you like fucking me in my tight little nineteen year old ass," she asked?
I replied, "oh yes Sam, your ass is so much tighter than my wife's."
She giggled.
I was so glad I had masturbated earlier otherwise the first tight ass I had in years would have made me cum really quickly.  I was able to pound my wife's asshole for a good 30 minutes before I felt myself starting to boil up.  The great thing was my wife was really getting into it.  She was masturbating herself and I could see her cum running down her legs.  I felt her ass suddenly contract and  squeeze my cock hard three times as she came.  I knew the next one was going to be the one that finished me off.
"Oh uncle Richie, you are fucking my ass so good you're going to make me cum again..."
As her ass clamped down on my dick this time I shot a massive load of cum up her ass.  It took a couple of minutes for me to deflate and pull out. My wife turned around, smiled looked at me and said, "don't worry uncle Richie" this will be our little secret" and then she winked at me.
She walked out of the room and I heard her start running the bathwater upstairs a few minutes later.  This was certainly the most incredible sex I had ever had with my wife and she seemed to enjoy it too, but what where going to be the consequences?  My lust for Sam was out in the open as was her apparent arousal at my lust for Sam.


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У моей жены Аннабэль есть сладкая и сексуальная девятнадцатилетняя кузина Саманта. Но ей нравится, когда ее называют просто Сэм. Она постоянно ходит в коротких обрезанных джинсовых шортах. Moscow escort Она довольно высокая и стройная, а ее задница просто восхитительна. Каждый раз, когда она проходит мимо меня, я еле сдерживаюсь, чтобы не наброситься на нее и не изнасиловать. Частенько я убегаю в ванную и дрочу, представляя ее обнаженной. Я никогда не смел и подумать, что мои фантазии могут стать реальностью.
Мы с женой работаем и, когда наши дочери пошли в школу, мы поняли, что нам нужно подыскать человека, который встречал бы детей, готовил бы ужин и делал кое-какую работу по дому. Однажды вечером моя жена сказала мне, что нашла идеальное решение. Escort Moscow Ее кузина Сэм поступала в колледж в нашем городе, и мы решили пригласить ее пожить у нас. Я тогда с удовольствием согласился, но я и не подозревал, что дело кончится тем, что я буду каждый день мастурбировать в ванной. И вот в конце августа она переехала к нам, и вот теперь каждый день разгуливала со мной в своих коротких шортах и майке без лифчика. Я был постоянно возбужден, но секс с женой случался не часто, так как она стеснялась, что Саманта нас услышит.
Я достал из корзины с бельем ее трусики, и когда оставался один, нюхал их и мастурбировал.
Каждую субботу Саманта с девочками ходила гулять в парк, а у нас с женой было время побыть друг с другом наедине.
В одну из суббот я проснулся и услышал внизу разговор Саманты с моей женой.
- Ты уверена, что вам хватит времени насладиться друг другом, - посмеиваясь, спросила Саманта у моей жены.
- В последнее время нам хватает 10 минут, - так же смеясь, ответила Аннабэль.
- И тебе этого хватает?- ужаснулась Саманта.

- Если мое сексуальное возбуждение становится огромным, я делаю себе горячую ванну, ложусь в нее и ублажаю себя пальцами. На самом деле, после появления детей, половое влечение между мужем и женой притупляется, так как появляются другие заботы и даже на мысли о сексе совсем не остается времени.
- А как ты думаешь, ему как мужчине этого достаточно?
- О, с тех пор как ты поселилась у нас, он закрывается в ванной по 5-6 раз на день и, поверь мне, он там не моется.
Потом они вышли из комнаты, и окончания их разговора я уже не слышал.
Я был очень зол на свою жену. Когда девочки ушли на прогулку, моя жена вошла в нашу комнату, скинула с себя одежду, механическим движением шлепнула себя по заднице и произнесла :«Ну же, дорогой, давай займемся сексом, пока никого нет дома!» «Я только вышел из ванной, и я там не мылся!», - ответил я. Аннабель поняла, что я подслушал ее утренний разговор, но нисколько не смутилась. «Отлично, но сейчас у тебя есть возможность не ограничиваться рукой, а получить настоящую киску!», игриво ответила она. Я поблагодарил ее и отказался, обида все-таки была очень сильной. Позавтракав, я отправился в кабинет поработать. Некоторое время спустя, дверь открылась, и в мой кабинет вошла Аннабель. 
На ней были короткие шорты Сэм и ее белая футболка, под которой не было лифчика. Она завязала волосы в высокий хвост и жевала жевачку.
Она надула губки и сказала мне ребяческим голосом: «Дядя Ричи, извините, что беспокою вас, но у меня есть одна маленькая проблемка, в решении которой мне можете помочь только вы.»
Я понял, что Аннабель хочет поиграть со мной и с удовольствием согласился.
- Саманта, ты же знаешь, ты можешь просить меня обо всем!
- Мой парень хочет заняться со мной анальным сексом, а у меня нет такого опыта, и я совсем не знаю, что мне делать!
- Саманта, если вы с парнем будете использовать смазку и хорошо подготовитесь, то все будет нормально.
Моя жена сняла шорты Сэм, под ними не было трусиков. Она повернулась ко мне задом, и я увидел, что у нее из попы торчит анальная пробка.
- Вы это имели в виду, дядя Ричи, когда говорила про подготовку?, - спросила меня она сексуальным голосом.
У нас женой секс был довольно редким, а с приездом Сэм и вообще стал случаться только один раз в неделю, а об анальном я вообще молчу. Поэтому сейчас мое возбуждение достигло предела. Дрожащим голосом я ответил «да».
- Но дядя Ричи, я боюсь, что мой парень будет грубым со мной. Вы более опытный мужчина и я хочу, чтобы мне показали, как это делается.
- Хорошо, но только пообещай, что не будешь ничего рассказывать Аннабель, она не поймет, что я просто хотел помочь тебе.
Моя жена ответила: «Хорошо, дядя Ричи!»
Она повернулась ко мне спиной и наклонилась, широко раздвигая ягодицы.
- Дядя Ричи, трахните меня прямо сейчас в мою тугую девятнадцатилетнюю попку, промурлыкала она.
Мой член уже давно стоял, поэтому я просто шагнул к ней и вставил его ей в попку. Она ее хорошо смазала перед тем, как прийти ко мне, поэтому я вошел очень мягко и не встретил никакого сопротивления. Эти ощущения были ни с чем не сравнимы. Я смотрел на спину моей жены и представлял ее двоюродную сестру. Я никогда прежде не испытывал ничего подобного.
-Черт, дядя Ричи, ваш член такой большой для моей тугой попки, - сказала моя жена и пошевелила задницей. Вам нравится трахать меня?
- О, да, Сэм, твоя задница, намного лучше, чем у моей жены, я просто в восторге.
Она хихикнула.
Я обрадовался, когда вспомнил, что мастурбировал сегодня утром. Это позволило мне не кончить в первые же минуты секса и растянуть удовольствие. Я трахал свою жену в задницу около 30 минут, прежде чем почувствовал, что сейчас кончу. Моя жена все это время мастурбировала и я видел как ее соки текли по ее ногам. Я почувствовал, что ее задница начала сокращаться и выталкивать меня.
- О, дядя Ричи, моя попка просто в восторге от того, как вы ее сделали. Я сейчас кончу.
Я вытащил свой член и моя сперма полилась ей на спину и потекла по ногам.
Моя жена повернула ко мне, улыбнулась и сказала: «Дядя Ричи, не волнуйтесь, это будет наш маленький секрет!», а затем подмигнула мне.
Она вышла из моего кабинета, и я услышал, как через несколько минут в ванной полилась вода. Это был самый невероятный секс, который у меня был когда-либо с моей женой.